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50 KG Grass Seed

At A1 Lawns, we supply our grass seed to both domestic customers and trade customers alike. Increasingly, we have been supplying 50kg bags of grass seed to a wide range of trade customers, from facilities management companies, gardening businesses as well as professional and amateur groundskeepers.

These customers use this seed to great effect, on a wide range of surfaces and applications. We have supplied our grass seed in 50kg bags to councils re-seeding parks and green spaces, professional sports organisations and groundsmen, using our seed on a wide range of playing surfaces, as well as professional gardeners undertaking a big project.

Although many of our customers use this seed immediately, many customers choose to buy in this quantity to use in the future, and our grass seed does store pretty well - with it being good for around a year, after this time - the grass seed will suffer from a poorer rate of germination.

As well as this size seed bags being popular with trade customers, we also sell a lot of 50kg bags of paddock seed for smallholders, equine enthusiasts and even farmers - so we must be doing something right!

You can browse the full range of seed available in 50kg bags and sacks above, and as always - get in touch if you have any questions.

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50 KG Grass Seed

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