This is the first choice to be made when approaching grassing a new area of garden or lawn. There are many high quality turfs available on the market, and whilst we would prefer you to use our seed, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of both Turf and Grass Seed below.

Grass Seed Advantages:

  •   • Almost 90% cheaper than turf.
  •   • Easiest and quickest solution for smaller areas of lawn and ongoing repairs.
  •   • Diverse seed mix choices allowing you to achieve the perfect finish and to create results specific to each individual requirement.
  •   • Takes better than turf does in difficult growing conditions.
  •   • Spare seed can be kept in storage.
  •   • Doesn’t need to be sown immediately after purchase
  •   • Quick & easy to sow.
  •   • The only cost effective option for seeding large areas. 

Grass Seed Disadvantages:

  •   • In some cases, when freshly spread, grass seed can be attacked by Birds. Although we find just scattering some top soil/compost stops this, as does netting.
  •   • Grass Seed can also be vulnerable in heavy rains when it has been spread on steep slopes.

If you have a project which you would like to discuss with us and benefit from our expert advice, just get in touch and we will be happy to help and run through your options with you.