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A1LAWN AM Pro-23 Fast Start Paddock Repair Seed

Quick Overview

AM Pro-23 is a specialist seed mix designed for the repair and over-seeding of paddocks and grazing fields.

• Sowing rate (over-seeding): 5g per m2
• Approx. coverage: 5kg = 1000 m2
• FERA certified seed


Seed mix:

35% Early Perennial Ryegrass.
35% Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass.
20% Strong Creeping Red Fescue.
10% Timothy.

AM Pro-23 is a fast start paddock repair seed. It is specifically designed to establish quickly and the addition of the grass variant Timothy means it is also good for grazing animals.

Benefits of A1LAWN Grass Seed:

  • All our seed is FERA certified meaning it is tested for purity, germination rates, and disease resistance.
  • Why use A1Lawn grass seed? Our seed mixes are all formulated using highly rated FERA certified seed and we NEVER compromise on quality over price