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80/20 Grass Seed & Wildflower Mix - 1kg

Quick Overview

Our 80% Grass Seed & 20% Wildflower mix has been created to bring a real touch of colour and excitement to your garden at a very reasonable price.


The 20% Wildflower Mix contains :- 15% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 15% CornCockle, 10% Red Flowering Clover, 10% Vetch, 10% Poppy, 10% Ribwort Plantain, 10% Yarrow, 5% Corn Flower, 3% Black Knapweed, 3% Wild Carrot, 3% Hedge Bedstraw, 3% Corn Chamomile, 3% Corn Marigold.

The 80% Grass Seed Mix contains :- 45% Chewings Fescue, 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Slender Creeping Red Fescue, 5% Browntop Bent.

Sowing rate is 10g per square metre when used as an over-seed.